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Sell your item

How can we help you?

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How to create an ad

Sometimes the biggest change starts small – like making an ad on OLX.

Here are the simple steps to follow for posting, and hopefully selling, on OLX:

  • First off, click on "Submit an ad"
  • Now provide as much detail as you can about the item you’d like to sell. You can’t go wrong being honest.
  • Be sure to select a category that the item can be grouped into, along with your contact information.
  • Then click "Submit"

And that’s it. Easy, hey?

In no time your ad will be live.

But keep an eye on your email inbox because we may ask you to quickly verify the ad before it goes live.


Selling 101: An informed buyer is a happy buyer, so make sure you include as much detail in the title and description of your ad as possible, along with a good photo. For more useful selling advice, check out the "Tips to create a great ad" section.

If you’ve already posted ads without registering, you can create your account using the same email you used before, giving you access to your ads and tons more great features.