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How can we help you?

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Tips to create a great ad

Here are some tips that will help you create a great ad - and maybe help you become the Wolf of W-OLX.

Sign up for an OLX account: By signing up you take out all the hassle of adding your details to each ad because we’ll automatically add them for you.

A great title can sell your item: Be sure to use the name and brand of the item. Avoid characters (like *, ±, $ or even ^), they don’t lend credibility. Same goes for ALL CAPS.

Photos can make or break your ad: Upload clear photos of the item you’re selling. Add a couple of photos from different angles so that buyers can easily see your item. Uploading a stock photo or something you found off the web doesn’t add any credibility.

Be descriptive but not long winded: A concise, well-worded description can attract more potential buyers and even seal the deal.

The price must be right: Don’t outprice yourself when you’re selling an item. Do your research and decide on a price that’s fair, taking all things into account: The age, the condition and what you paid for it originally.

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Selling 101: Great photos get 5 times more views. Fact.