How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How to use Featured Ads


We've launched Featured Ads!

It's the new way to get maximum exposure and greater visibility for your ads.


You can simply pay for Feature Ads with OLX Credits, the new virtual currency on the OLX platform.

 Follow these easy steps to get started.

1. Log into OLX. (NB: Featured Ads are currently only available on the website. But watch this space to find out when it will be available on the app!)

2. Go to your profile.

3. Under your profile details, you'll find My OLX Credits.


4. Click on Buy Credits.

5. Select the OLX Credit bundle you prefer and enter your card payment details. It can be as low as R50! (1 OLX Credit = R1)

6. Now you're ready to rock and roll! Click on Done and select the ad you want to feature.

7. Choose from 3 Featured Ad options: Premium, Super and Plus.

  • Premium = up to 10 times more views in 30 days
  • Super = Up to 5 times more views in 15 days
  • Plus = Up to 3 times more views in 9 days


8. When the Featured Ad is live, a new section appears next to your ad that shows you how many days are remaining of your Featured Ads.


Check out the number of views on your ad to see the difference!



As usual, we're always available if you need further help, so please contact us.