How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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What are the posting rules for Vehicles?


We have started improving our security on the OLX site to ensure that all our users have the best and safest experience when it comes to high value items like, vehicles. 

Below are a set of guidelines which we encourage that you follow to ensure that your ad has no issues passing our moderation process.

  • Always provide accurate information such as mileage, and if the car has accident damage.
  • Typically, most vehicles on OLX sell for under the retail value. Please make sure that your vehicle is reasonably priced. Ads with prices that are way below the second hand market value, without any disclaimers, will not be approved. 
  • We do not allow vehicles to be sold without papers - the papers must also be in the name of the Vehicle seller. Vehicles needs to be South African registered.
  • No stock images allowed. Images must be relevant to the vehicle you're advertising. Images may not be taken from other websites. 
  • As per the National Credit Act (NCA), users are not allowed to create adverts that contain prohibited statements including statements such as "blacklisted clients welcome”, “blacklisted and listed we can help”, “blacklisted approved, no credit checks required, free credit" or any wording that has substantially the same meaning. All advertisements for credit from publishers, advertisers, service and credit providers must comply with the National Credit Act. Ads in contravention of these terms will not be accepted. ITC clearance services are also prohibited on OLX.



 Free tip: The more descriptive and informative your ad is, the more likely you are to gain a greater response!