How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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What are the posting rules for Jobs?


With such a high demand for jobs nowadays, we want to make sure that our users can find their dream jobs quickly, easily and most importantly, safely

We want to make sure that the job offers posted on OLX are legitimate.  Below are a few necessary requirements to comply with if you have an amazing job opportunity on offer:

  • If you post an offer for formal employment, you need to use an active, legitimate business domain. We do not allow job postings using general email addresses, such as Gmail, Webmail, Hotmail, etc. The moderation team will remove any ads which do not comply and our user support team may request information from you to validate any information you may or may not have stipulated.
  • All job agencies must post their ads using an active business domain. 
  • If you're posting an ad as a private individual looking to hire a nanny or domestic help, you will be able to use your personal email address. 
  • We do not allow "multi-level marketing jobs" from individuals using general email addresses.  
  • We not allow pyramid selling or multi-level marketing scheme's. 
  • We do not accept postings that contain links to other websites that offer the user job posting facilities.
  • We do not accept postings that advertise for models or actors (either male or female) using generic (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc) email accounts and/or mobile phone numbers. These posters must include a registered agency email address and landline phone number.
  • We do not accept adverts for Escort/Adult industry work.
  • We do not accept job adverts for medical trials of any kind.
  • All "work from home" job offers must be posted using a business domain while also meeting all other job policy requirements.
  • We do no allow discrimination in terms of Race, Gender, Sex, Pregnancy, Marital status, Ethnic or social origin, Colour, Sexual orientation, Age, Disability, Religion, Conscience, Believe, Culture, Language and birth; or any other grounds of discrimination.
  • Jobs may not be offered to or by a minor. 
  • All job offers, except jobs offers for domestic work, au pair, gardener or personal body guard, requires a legitimate business name, legitimate business email address and  a legitimate business landline. 
  • Stock images are allowed!