How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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What are the posting rules for Services?

__SERVICES_HEADER.jpgThe "Services" sections are for businesses and commercial organisations to post ads advertising their services and not their individual products.

  • All massage services must:
    • not have explicit or nude photos. We recommend you use business logo's.
    • state that you're not offering a sexual service. 
  • Tantric or sensual massages are not allowed on OLX.
  • To avoid spam and to improve the quality of our user experience, we no longer allow the following services offered:
    • Wendy houses and steel shed installations.
    • DSTV repair or installations.
  • All photo's must be relevant to the service being advertised. No stock images allowed.
  • All ads must contain a contact number. 
  • Ads offering insurance is only allowed if posted using an active business domain and/or includes an active business landline number.
  • Ads offering financial services, i.e. personal loans are required to provide OLX with a VAT registration number for verification purposes. 


We do not allow the following services to be advertised on OLX: 

  • Mileage/odometer correction services.
  • Unblocking/flashing/hacking/cracking or chipping gaming consoles.
  • Jailbreak - the process of removing limitations on iOS through the use of software and hardware exploits.
  • Unlocking reported/stolen phones.
  • Black magic, voodoo, muti or "bring back your lost lover".
  • Traditional healers offering to help cure ailments, winning the lottery etc.
  • Ads auctioning off items or products.