How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Paid listings FAQ

Below we have created an overview with the most common questions and answers around paid listings after you have reached your free limit.


1. What are Paid Listings?

You can post a limited number of free ads on OLX in 60 days. In the Real Estate category (excluding  you are allowed to post 4 ads for free. In the case that you want to post more ads, you would have to pay for additional Listings. 


No. Free Limits and Paid Ads are both on the basis of Ad ‘posted’ and not ‘active’ Ads. This means if you ‘posted’ 3 Ads in last 30/60 days and the free listing allowed for the category is 3, you cannot post further ads for free regardless of these Ads being live or deleted by you. An ad in pending state will count towards the available free ads in the category. In case, your ad gets rejected then you would be free to post another free ad against the rejected ad.
2. If I delete my current Ad, can I post another Ad for free?

To post for free, you will have to wait for these Ads to complete their validity period (30/60 days from posting date). Similarly, deleting a Paid Ad does not mean you can use another Ad in its place. Once your Paid Listing goes active, one unit from your Paid Ad Package is used up.


3. How can I purchase Paid Ads after posting all free ads in a category?

You will be notified when you try to post an Ad after your Free Limit has been reached. At this point, you have an option either to wait or pay for either that particular ad or a package which contains more ads that can be posted.  We recommend purchasing packages for better value for money. You can also go to “Pending Ads” in “My Ads” to activate by making payment.     


4. What are the available methods of payment?

You can pay for additional listings with your credit card.


5. How long will my Ad stay live?

Your Ad will stay live for 60 days from posting, regardless of when you post it within the validity period of your Paid Ad Package.


6. Can I cancel after making the payment?

No, Paid Listings are non-refundable. You can use these till 60 days after which they expire. All the packages are valid for a tenure of 60 calendar days.


7. How is paid listing available across different geographies?

The purchased paid Listings for a specific category can be used across different regions within South Africa. 


8. How can I track the Paid limits/Packages that I have purchased?

Any purchase for Ad limits/packages appears in ‘My Account’ in the "Bought Packages & Billing" section.

If the account is banned due to policy violation, any available credits are forfeited.