How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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OLX is now better than ever

We’ve got a fresh new look and feel, and we’ve also improved many features designed to make it even easier for you to buy and sell using OLX. Excitingly, South Africa is the first country to adopt these updates!


Why the new look?

Over the past several months we’ve been gradually improving the customer experience both on our app and the web. Now the time has come to introduce you to some additional improvements - including our newly updated brand! Our brand new look and feel best represents the new phase of our company: moving beyond classifieds to offer you a more holistic experience with a cutting-edge platform and additional services. We plan to roll out our new brand to the rest of the world throughout 2019.

What’s the story behind the new logo?

The existing brand has served us well for the last 11 years. Now our business has transformed into a global force. We want to provide you with more services and opportunities to make the best choices for your business, lifestyle and family. The new logo better represents this notion, and is flexible enough to allow more exciting features and services to come.

What new features?

You can now create ads that sell your item faster with our built-in photo editor while posting. We've improved our technology to remove spam or offensive users to ensure that you only interact with serious buyers and sellers. We’ve also improved how you navigate our platform, making it more intuitive by organising listings in a newsfeed-style based on how you interact with the items for sale.

And that’s just the beginning…

We are committed to helping our customers make empowering decisions, which means we’ll continue to work hard to offer you more updates and new features very soon.

All rise for your new and improved OLX!